Currently, we offer the following distance and independent learning programs:

Special COVID-19 Discount of 15% on all programs

School of Integrated Studies

School of Integrated Studies offers distance programs for all those who are taking up studies after a break in their life and career and wish to study what they want to study. Basically the students decide their own curriculum. This School was earlier called the "School of Liberal Studies"

  • Bachelor's Program in Arts (Integrated Studies) - Interdisciplinary Bachelor Program with studies in English Literature, Communication, Business, Psychology and International Relations (Total fees for 2 years: Rs 12500)
  • Combined Bachelor and Masters program in Integrated Studies (2.5 Years) Majors in Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Commerce, Design Thinking, Human Resources Management and Business Administration - The students will get two certifications, Bachelor as well as Masters.

School of Business

  • Executive PG Programs in Management (Executive MBA level curriculum) with Majors offered in Human Resources Management, Employer Branding & Talent Engagement, International Relations, Appreciative Inquiry & Change Management, Workplace Positive Psychology, Working from Home Management and Artificial Intelligence & Technology Management (One year program. Fees: Rs 7900 for the entire program)
  • PG Diploma in Public Health Management (One year program. Fees: Rs 12500)
  • PG Diploma in Non Profit Management (One year program. Fees: Rs 9800)
  • PG Diploma in Learning and Development (One year program. Fees: Rs 9800)
  • PG Diploma in Organizational Psychology (One year program. Fees: Rs 9800)

K K Kulshrestha School of Economics and Political Science

  1. Masters Program in Economics
  2. Masters Program in International Relations
  3. Masters Program in Political Science
  4. Masters Program in Counter Terrorism studies
  5. PG Diploma in Positive Political Leadership

(For fees of the above programs, please email us)

Doctoral Level

We offer the following Doctoral level programs:

  • Doctoral Studies in Humanities and Arts (Fees: Rs 38,900)
  • Doctoral Studies in Business and Leadership Studies ((Fees: Rs 38,900)

For details, please email us.

Admissions are given at all times in a year. For enrollment queries please email us at info@roomtolearn.org