Room To Learn Academy introduces a revolutionary approach in higher education. The Free MBA Program in Marketing, Branding and Communication is available for those who cannot afford to pay exorbitant tuition. The tuition is completely free and the students have to pay a small fees for evaluation and assessment. Currently the fees is Rupees 2450 in India and $155 for students from abroad. The admission is very competitive and the criteria is as follows

  • Yearly income less than Rs 200,000 for Indian Students (Prospective Students from other countries can email us to know the criteria)
  • Supervisory experience of at least three years
  • A statement of purpose on why you are suitable for this program.

This program has less of coursework and more of practical implementation - The student need to prove that she has created a new brand (or promoting an existing brand) and is marketing it on social media, continuously for a year (on any of platforms like Facebook or Instagram, under close supervision of the student's assigned Professor)

The diplomas are granted in soft copy format. For hard copies, there is a small charge of Rs 500 (For foreign students, the diploma fees is dependent upon the actual cargo charges)

To apply, please email

We cannot make it completely free of charge as nothing free is valued by anyone in the world - Lesson for Marketers as well!